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Home Buyers' Plan

HBP 2018-2019

  1. Each person can withdraw up to $ 25,000, without paying tax, from their retirement savings plan (RSPA) for the purchase of their first home that they intend to use as their Principal residence. This property must be located in Canada.
  2. For a person to be considered a first-time buyer, the following 2 conditions must be met when withdrawing the R.R.S.P.
    1. Not having owned his principal place of residence in the last 5 years.
    2. Do not live in a conjugal relationship with the owner of the dwelling where you live.
  3. The housing can be new or existing.
  4. The dwelling may be a house, a condo, a mobile home, a duplex unit, a triplex or a multi-unit that you will use as a principal residence.
  5. To be eligible to withdraw funds from the R.R.S.P., you must have an accepted purchase offer, signed by both parties, on housing or construction.
  6. The transfer of the property must be notarized before October 1st of the year following the year the funds were cashed from your R.R.S.P.
  7. If you contribute to your R.R.S.P. before making a withdrawal, you keep your tax deduction if the funds remained in your R.R.S.P. at least 90 days. Which means that if you have not contributed the maximum since 1991, you can now make the contributions you did not make and deduct them this year.
  8. Under the Home Buyers' Plan rules, you may be required to remit the withdrawals to your R.R.S.P. You will be able to make a refund in equal payments over 15 years beginning on March 1, 2021 if the withdrawal is in 2018, if the withdrawal is made in 2019, you will have to start your repayments in 2022.
  9. An individual will be able to participate in the HBP if he or she has already owned the home, is eligible for the disability tax credit, or is the next of kin of a disabled person.
  10. An individual will be able to cash the amounts of his R.R.S.P. a second time on the condition that he has remitted the total amount previously received under the plan before the beginning of the year in which he participates again. However, he must qualify as a first-time home buyer.

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