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How to choose a inspector ?

The property which interests you seems maybe perfect at first sight, but it is important to verify in which state it is really. Now the inspector comes on stage. In Quebec, no regulations supervise this practice, what makes that whoever, from the architect by training to the "self-taught", can act himself as inspector. Some will maybe agree to make the work of inspection for approximately 200 $, but for a really complete inspection, be not surprised having to pay up to 500 $. Here are links to find an inspector: Association of the inspectors in buildings of Quebec ( AIBQ) Find an inspector Canadian company of mortgages and accommodation(housing) (CMHL) The choice of an inspector in buildings We are there to inform you, inform and help you before, during and after the purchase of your property, do not hesitate to communicate with us.

Credit problems?

A word to show you how we can help you, you and yours.

You could be eligible in a mortgage loan, event if you went bankrupt, you have a short odds of credit or that you have no credit history.

That your…

Break the mortgage before term profitable despite the penalty?

Mortgage interest rates have declined significantly in recent years. In September 2009, it was possible to find in some institutions interest rate of 4% on a closed mortgage term of 5 years ... Never seen, but what about…

Mission: Finding a downpayment

One of the most common and stubborn beliefs among potential buyers is that they will never be able to save enough money for their downpayment and the different costs that come along with buying a property.

It is…

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