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Surprise-free condo!

Published on June 17, 2019 by MultiPrêts MR

Your house seems too big now that the kids are gone? Therefore you want to trade it in for a condominium downtown, imagining yourself walking to the museums, the best restaurants, the nicest shops, etc.?

This could be the life you always dreamed of... unless your young neighbours are the party type.

You think that buying a condo is easier than buying a house? Wrong. Before making an offer, you should find out more about the building, its inhabitants, the condo rules, etc.

Here are a few elements you must take into consideration: the condominium declaration, the financial situation of the condominium, the maintenance report, the insurance policy, the condominium board and the neighbourhood in which the building is located.

A condo can be a great investment and offer many advantages if the purchase has been carefully planned. Contact us so we can help you make the best possible transaction.

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