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Surprise-free condo!

Your house seems too big now that the kids are gone? Therefore you want to trade it in for a condominium downtown, imagining yourself walking to the museums, the best restaurants, the nicest shops, etc.? This could be…

Can I lower my mortgage payments when renewing my loan?

The answer to that question is yes… and no. Your personal situation may require you to adjust your monthly payments, if only because of the ever increasing cost of life. Therefore, you may, at some point, need to lower your…

Do I have to take out a mortgage insurance?

The answer is: no. However, you need to make sure that you have enough protection in case of death, serious illness or disability.

There are different types of insurances that protect you against unplanned events.…

Are you ready to seize the golden opportunity?

Here is an overview of what we can make to help you, you and yours.

Last year, Julie and Emmanuel looked for a renting interesting building to invest the equity there accumulated over the years in their residence.…

Dear customer, take a seat in first class

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Finding financing for your home is like taking a transcontinental flight. When you fasten your seat belt, you don’t know how the trip will take place and quite…

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