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Congratulations... You go to become an owner!

Here is the real-life case which we would like to share with you. Virginia and Alexander live in an apartment for 2 years, they wish to start a family, they wish to have a property with a yard, more spaces, because they feel cramped, be lacking intimacy then they decided to buy a beautiful property together. They obtained a mortgage loan with their bank, the date for notarier is planned on March 23rd, 2020. To celebrate the event, they invited friends to have dinner. During the evening, the friends question Virginia and Alexander to know what was the interest rate,if they used their RSP, if they opted for a variable rate or a fix rate ? After the evening, Virginia and Alexandre realize that they did not maybe look at all the possibilities and that they had made that fast, the next day Virginia asked to her friend for the name of the mortgage broker of Multi-Prêts who had analyzed all his needs to choose well the mortgage product which suited best in its situation, she had explained during the evening that she had chosen a term of 2 years instead of one 5 years, that she had made a RAP loan, that her mortgage broker had made for her realized several very important details to take advantage of it, because once owner she could not go back any more. Alexander found the interesting idea and communicated with us, we planned a appointment, we discussed various options and we had time because the solicitor was only March 23rd. . we answered their expectation and they chose us as mortgage broker for life! Who do you know who is in the same situation? It is with pleasure that we shall advise them to choose the best strategy.

How much it coast in Welcome Tax when you buy a house?

Here are the calculations to follow: 0,5 % for the first valuable slice not exceeding 50 000 $ 1 % for the valuable slice superior to 50 000 $, without exceeding 250 000 $ 1,5 % for the valuable slice superior to…

You buy a house and wish to begin immediately renovation work?

It is not rare that the persons on the point to buy a property plan from the beginning to bring important improvements to this one. The insurance mortgage loan which offers the SCHL can, in this connection, help you to obtain…

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