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Tips for first-time homebuyers

Save for your down payment:

  • Set a goal for your down payment, and create a plan to reach it. If you can accumulate at least a 20% down payment, you likely won’t have to pay a premium for mortgage loan insurance.

Inspector please

The property which interests you seems maybe perfect at first sight, but it is important to verify in which state it is really. Now the inspector comes on stage.

In Quebec, no regulations supervise this practice,…

Variable rate...Which is the best bank?

When the prime rate starts increasing, the payments of most variable rate mortgage loans will increase as well.

Some variable rate mortgage holders will see their payments increase faster than others because…

How much it coast in Welcome Tax when you buy a house?

Here are the calculations to follow:

  • 0,5 % for the first valuable slice not exceeding 50 000 $
  • 1 % for the valuable slice superior to 50 000 $, without exceeding 250 000 $
  • 1,5 %…

Credit problems?

A word to show you how we can help you, you and yours.

You could be eligible in a mortgage loan, event if you went bankrupt, you have a short odds of credit or that you have no credit history.


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