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Why should you work with a broker?

Because we believe we can offer you the best solution for your situation. … At Multi-Prêts Hypothèques MR, we value the quality of the relationships […] Read more

Break the mortgage before term profitable despite the penalty?

Mortgage interest rates have declined significantly in recent years. In September 2009, it was possible to find in some institutions interest rate of 4% on […] Read more

Inspector Please

The property which interests you seems maybe perfect at first sight, but it is important to verify in which state it is really. Now the […] Read more


When the prime rate starts increasing, the payments of most variable rate mortgage loans will increase as well. Some variable rate mortgage holders will see […] Read more

How much it coast in Welcome Tax when you buy a house?

Here are the calculations to follow: 0,5 % for the first valuable slice not exceeding 50 000 $ 1 % for the valuable slice superior […] Read more

What is a legal mortgage?

Construction legal mortgage is a mechanism to protect, sub-contractors and all workers who participated in the construction or renovation of a house. This mechanism is […] Read more

The house of your dreams… Make a wish!

A word to show you how we can be of help, to you and yours. Paul and Stephanie will soon move into the house of […] Read more

You think that to buy a condo is simpler than to buy a house

You disabuse several traps wait for the future landlords. 1: Read the declaration of the co-ownership 2: Estimate the financial situation of the co-ownership 3:Verify […] Read more

Monopoly..a small school for the real estate investors !

Do you know the game of the Monopoly? Almost everybody played this game at least once in its life and well here is a story […] Read more

MULTI-PRÊTS: #1 in Québec!

Here is a great success story: It is important to surround yourself with professionals who can guide you in the various aspects of your life. […] Read more