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Mortgage Solutions

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    First-Time Buyer You have started the procedures to purchase your very first property and you would like to receive sound advice and the best interest […] Read more

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    Debt consolidation

    The debts you have to reimburse can sometimes become a burden too hard to bear. Are you having a hard time making ends meet? Do […] Read more

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    Is your mortgage due for renewal soon? Because mortgage loans are generally taken out on long periods of time, there is a strong possibility that […] Read more

  • kitchen luxury home

    Big projects, small budget? Mortgage refinancing Mortgage refinancing may be a good option if you want to undertake major renovation projects that you keep postponing […] Read more

  • Choose Multi-Prêts Mortgage MR

    They have 30 years’ experience in mortgages, they prepare more than 3000 files of mortgages per year, and this represents a volume of 275 million dollars in loans each year that they negotiate for their clients. We are really a team which is specialized to obtain the best loan conditions including the best rate, because you will learn today that it’s not only about the rate! A mortgage, its complex and that justifies a career governed by a professional order. So you might be thinking, yes, I want an expert, but at what price? You will soon learn that there is no cost, absolutely none, because a mortgage broker is paid only if your file is accepted by the lender and he receives a commission that will be given anyway by the lender, but the mortgage broker earns his living with a reputation based on satisfied customers… He’s your partner and not a salesman that would push for a specific product. He must accompany you in your success. His success depends on your success. We wish you many happy moments in your new home! It will be our pleasure to help you avoid any problems to obtain the best conditions surrounding your loan. We will be honored by your trust, with heart and sincerity. Think about it. Your mortgage file is very serious and deserves the attention of an expert. It will be a pleasure to work for you and we can’t wait to be able to have you among our satisfied customers!





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